I once had a colleague who

I once had a colleague who

I once had a colleague who was perennially worried about her husband never visiting the doctor. This had her constantly nagging him; and he, on the other hand was always cranky because of the constant nagging. What is it about us guys that doesn’t let us visit the doc? The American Academy of Family Physicians conducted a survey in 2007, and it threw light on the main reasons why guys give the doctor’s clinic a skip! The reasons that made it to the top of the list were – lack of time, absence of any extreme symptoms or problems, and insurance issues. Some of the other reasons that came up can be equated to the ‘dog-ate-my-homework’ trick. Well, like it or not, nothing that women do or say is going to change the way this works. We’re still not going to make it [...]

Impotence Causes – Unlocked

Impotence is an issue that commonly affects men; and is more of a medical problem than anything else. It does, however, affect the sexual life of the man being affected; and his partner as well. Impotency is increasingly becoming a common factor that affects men in America. Impotence causes, then, are a worry for almost every other man. Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED). It refers to the inability of a man to sustain, or sometimes even achieve, an erection. This would mean that sexual activity would be curtailed. According to statistics, one man in every 10 men is affected by impotence. In order to achieve and maintain an erection, a number of processes get interplayed with each other to play out as the causes of impotence– psychological elements interspersed with the nervous [...]

Posted in Health June 28, 2010

GYMS – Good For Fitness, Bad For Health

Gyms are generally considered to be the ‘it’ place for those who want to get fit and healthy. They are, however, the last place where you’d expect to find a serious threat to your health. Alas, this ‘mecca’ for good health has turned into a breeding ground for a number of infections that you can catch while at the friendly neighborhood gym. Read on to learn more. According to microbiologists who conducted surveys across a number of gyms, dangerous forms of bacteria can be found lurking on the gym equipment. These were probably left behind by the last person who used it; and you are going to only add more onto it while you leave. So, it works as a vicious cycle. Hot tubs, sports drinking bottles and changing rooms have some colorful stories of their own to tell. Men’s [...]

Posted in Health June 25, 2010