I was able to get started with my business very quickly and had feedback and support from Ka consistently.


I was able to get...

“Ka Sundance is an awesome business coach.Not only did he and his team create us an amazing website and social networking integration, I always wanted, but there is so much more!

He created together with us at CostaRicaDiveAndSurf a full marketing strategy for our business, that enables us to target and reach our costumers so much better than ever before.

Within the first week of going live with the new designed website (provided to us by Ka’s team), we gained 4 times more traffic, responses and business than in all the 2 YEARS before!!!

The success is lined up for us, because we have this amazing coach working with us.

If you want to grow your business, reach more clients and make more money, Ka Sundance is the man!”

Michael Shellard CEO of CostaRicaDiveAndSurf.com

“Ka has been an amazing resource for me in my own personal development and with running my business here in Costa Rica.
He seems to always have the perfect advice for me, in what ever situation I am going through in my life and with my work.
He always inspires me to do the things I need to do in order to shine my gifts and succeed even more.

He has helped me create a plan to get my message out to the world, and now its up to me to follow through and make it happen.
He is good at lighting the fire within me, helping me transform and take action in ways that will help me take my business to the next level.

I can highly recommend his services to anybody who wants to grow their heart based business, earning more money while changing the world!”

“After working with Ka Sundance my knowledge about running an online business is so much bigger and changed my life and business forever.

You have been giving so much support to run a very successful online business.
Now I know so much more, that I can see my biggest dreams come true very soon. I am so happy that I invested in working with Ka. I just don’t feel so helpless anymore. Biggest thanks for you help.”

Nadine F. Filderstadt, Germany, www.leitungswasserfiltern.com

“Blesssings and thanks to Ka for helping me to sharpen my Focus and Grow in my ability to reach out with my Passions helping to fulfil my Purpose of growing in loving service.
I can only highly recommend Ka Sundance’s service to anyone who has a heart based business and is serious to make an impact on the world.”

Chris Kendall, RHN Live in Raw Lifestyle Coach Nomad from Saskatoon, Sask. Canada.

“Wow! Look at what all I have accomplished in the last weeks.
Me, an avowed techno-phobic!
Ka, if you can teach me how to create a website and online business, you can teach ANYONE!!”

“If your looking for ideas on how to expand your business and make more money, Ka definitely has good advice to offer.

With Ka’s advice, making the next move for your business is easy! He gave us good a good direction and plan.

Thanks Ka for making the consultation very efficient by being radically honest and telling us what we needed to hear!”

RawBrahs (Timothy, Nathanael & Daniel Eisenmann) Georgia, USA

“By working with Ka, I learned more than I could ever have expected!

Ka’s program and coaching not only helped me clearly define what my true passion was by using visualization exercises and answering questions, it also helped me find my “niche”.
Furthermore, thanks to this program, I learned how to easily create a website and how to promote it.
The information contained in Ka’s program is invaluable!
With Ka’s business coaching sessions and motivation, I was able to get started on my journey. I truly recommend working with Ka to everyone who is serious about creating the business of their dreams. With the help of this incredible program and the greatest coach ever, you are bound to succeed”

“My wife and I want to thank you for the beautiful work you do. I personally want to let you know how grateful we are, and I’m sure many others feel this way. You are a good teacher with a lot of love in your heart, and I know you were meant to be here on Earth to teach this.”

Jay and Linda Kordich sold almost a billion dollars worth of his famous Juiceman Juicer.
Jay is 87 years young and lives together with his wife and 2 sons in the USA.

“I signed up to Ka’s program and was very surprised by how thorough the information provided was. I was able to get started with my business very quickly and had feedback and support from Ka consistently. It’s easy to follow and is well worth the price paid.
Ka is a great coach who’s very inspiring with lots of positive energy. Always there to help and support you. I definitely recommend him!”
Lisa Tayler, UK

What’s special on Ka’s business service is not only his status as an expert or his generosity with insider knowledge, but especially his authenticity and love with everything he does.
I whole heartedly recommend Ka Sundance’ business service and wish Ka and his family all the best and lots of success!”

Irene, Perth Australia, www.freedomlifestylecoach.org

“I signed up to Ka’s program and was very surprised by how thorough the information provided was. I was able to get started with my business very quickly and had feedback and support from Ka consistently. It’s easy to follow and is well worth the price paid”

“Ka is a great coach who’s very inspiring with lots of positive energy. Always there to help and support you. I definitely recommend him!”

Lisa Tayler, UK

“Ka really manages time and time again to get to the core…to touch the core of who I am, bring out what my special gift is and how to manifest it.
He asks the right questions and I can contest that what he does comes from the heart!”

Alex Greve, Zurich, Switzerland

“Ka, I loved how much fun we had with the coaching!

Thank you for the wonderful questions and insight, you are a beautiful man and will bless anyone who has the pleasure of coaching with you.”

Nicole Goodwin, California USA

“You’re a true inspiration, Ka Sundance! We’re so grateful to have connected with you at just
the perfect time. Thank you for your insight, expertise, guidance, enthusiasm and support.”

Suzanne & Marcela
Washington, DC

“Ka Sundance is a profound teacher. But beyond that, he is a magnificent person. I do not believe life coaches can be good teachers if they are not full of goodness, authentic caring, and a true will to see us succeed.

Ka is all of this and more. When I started my first coaching session, I had the strong belief that I want to bring my gifts, my light, to the world.

But I just did not have a defined avenue to manifest that. In just a few weeks, I already created my own website (after believing I had no clue how to do technology).
I have stepped into my power and realization that I am now in alignment with the gifts I wish to channel.
I will forever be grateful to Ka for his powerful business coaching sessions, his belief in my gifts, and his neverending support.

These next few weeks, as I finish my coaching sessions, will be so full of excitement and continued learning! I can’t wait!”

Julie Cara Hoffenberg www.AuthenticWomanCoach.com

In search of more balance in specific areas of my life, I sought out the coaching expertise of Ka Sundance who lovingly guided me through an inspirational coaching session.
When our chat concluded, I already felt more balanced…and to think I hadn’t even yet begun implementing the powerful tools Ka Sundance suggested I use to bring me closer to the results I was seeking!
I believe Ka Sundance’s genuine love and compassion for humanity, varied life experiences, and deep desire to help each person live according to “balanced” health are key qualities that aid his coaching brilliance.
It’s hard to imagine anyone not being positively affected by a coaching session with him.

Penny Powell, editor-in-chief of www.PearMagazine.com and creator of www.BottlingHealth.com

Ka was able to take one look at my website and tell me exactly what to do next and how to do it.
He was then able to help me identify the heart and soul of my blocks and challenges.
His ability to see me for who I really am, is a truly powerful and transformative gift.
His work confirms what I know is true in my heart, thereby giving me the confidence to move forward with the information he so generously shares!
Ka gets to the core of the matter! Just one session with Ka – can change your life and business.
I highly recommend ka, for any his services as he is a true and dedicated lightworker from the heart!

I am really thankful to Ka for his time of coaching.
It helped me isolate my blocks to success, and together we worked through strategies for growth and development. I found this time a truly life changing and life enhancing event.

I KNOW that I will look back to that meeting and say to myself ‘that was the turning point’.

Ka was very supportive and encouraging of my plans to do stuff in the raw food world, around tv shows in different languages and plans to use my horticultural training.

Helen W. London

“Ka, who is an incredible human being, with a strong will to help others and also humanity.

As a coach he is quite gifted indeed at getting you to delve deep into your mind and also soul to ask yourself, what is it that you REALLY want to do with your life, and how can you get there fast and what is holding you back.”

Anna Rodgers, Miss Eco Glam, London UK

“Thank you Ka for such a wonderful session!

I left feeling so light and infused with extraordinary confidence.
You are so kind to offer your loving energy in this way, and help with the beautiful transformation of this world”

Anya Zama , Santa Barbara , USA

You left me so inspired and confident in just that short time!

I am still amazed by the inspiration you gave me.

Right away you believed in my passion and purpose on this Earth and this gives me much strength to believe I can live my passion fully as my truth and as my main source of income.”

Lise-Lotte Acquah (Sweden)

“I have no idea how Ka does it, but it’s amazing can how he can make you feel from so far away.
It feels like he is right beside you helping you.
Helping you understand yourself, helping you understand the world.
The way he coaches is how it should be done: Asking the right kind of questions, listening when needed…
and not just saying what you want to here. He gives you room and time to think and interpret yourself, he pushes
you in the right direction.
I feel like he understand the human race and cares about them.
He is a beautiful person, inside and outside. He is incredible human being.
I’ll remeber our meetings for the rest of my live, especially when I need a “pick-me-up.

Katrien De Lange, Belgium

“The session was absolutely the best ever, as they are always even better than the last ones. It really feels good to me we got deeper into this part of my life. Wonderful diverse coaching sessions they are. Who could have thought I got so much out of this, so much more than I imagined. The amount I paid you is nothing compared to this!
Thank you so much, Ka”

Sabine Calis, Amsterdam Holland

“I met Ka through my association with raw food. His warmth and light were so strong and I felt very connected with his energy. I knew he was someone I wanted to work with.
I also knew that I needed something drastic to happen in my life to blast me out of the funk I was going through. Ka met me where I was at and supported me in every way. In a sense you could say that he was my angel, holding my hand and lighting my way.
It was just exactly what I needed and I can say now that I am over all of that:

I give a strong appreciation and gratitude from my heart for the role Ka played.

My life will never be the same. I am a whole new person.

And the nice thing about it all, is that I know he is still there if I need him again. He is a constant reminder to me.
If I start to slip back into a place I don’t want to be, I think of Ka and the example he sets and I remember that everything is really all very good.

Very very good.”

Megan Paterson, USA

“My experience with Ka Sundance and his coaching program was very helpful.
I’m ever grateful for his hanging in there with me and his pushing me forward to a better realization of my life.”

Polly Peterson, USA

The testimonials given here are provided by real people.
However results you get by working with Ka Sundance are not typical and may vary from person to person.