Pancake 1 (7-1-13)
Sweet Oat Protein Pancakes
Pancake 2 (7-1-13)
I loved every single bite.
Pancake 3 (7-1-13)

I meant to do this post a long time ago, but apparently life got in the way. Where did I leave off?

Oh yea – work! I won’t bore you with those details, so let’s just skip all that and talk about what really matters – food!

All day, every day, I chug water!

Jenny Starbuck 1 (7-1-13)
Jenny Starbucks 2 (7-1-13)
And, you guessed it…more water!
Jenny Starbucks 3 (7-1-13)

I drink at least 7 of those containers while I’m at work. I should count the bathroom breaks as extra cardio.

And coffee – always coffee.

Jenny Starbucks 4 (7-1-13)

Obviously not awake until I’ve finished my Starbucks.

10:30 – I have my first snack. This is usually an apple and a handful of nuts, but this morning was so hectic, I was lucky to shovel something in my mouth before I passed out.

Pistachio (7-1-13)
A handful of pistachios. Boring, but it did the job.

1:00 – Okay, I’m starving – shocking. Prepped last night – I had a tuna sandwich on sprouted bread.

Tuna Sandwhich (7-1-13)
Yum. Why do I love carbs so much?

Followed closely by an orange, and ohh hey there water!

Oranges (7-1-13)
Sugar love.

4:00 – it’s time for another snack. Today, I had greek yogurt with some fresh berries, walnuts and puffed cereal.

Granola (7-1-13)
Delicious and it holds me over.

Sometime after 5, I make my way home. The cycle of prep, clean, organize starts all over again.

7:00 – I start to make dinner because, again shocking, this girl is hungry. I try to limit carbohydrates at this meal, since I won’t be needing extra energy for my dreams. I stick to some sort of meat/protein and vegetables. Tonight, fish was on the menu.

Tuna Steak (7-1-13)

A delicious tuna steak with a salad. The steak was made on the grill, seasoned with salt and pepper and I added some seasame seeds. The salad was made with vegetables (obviously), avocado, olive oil and vinegar.

There are my eats for a day. I usually go to bed slightly hungry, but I’ve gotten used to this. There is no need to be eating a ginormous dinner since the objective of food is to fuel your body. You don’t need fuel to sleep!

The cycle continues and I lay my gym clothes out for the next morning’s work out…

Gym Gear (7-1-13)
Let the fun begin all over again!